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The symptoms of heart conditions can be distressing to patients and their relatives. Chest pain, breathlessness, palpitations and blackouts may all be due to heart problems and should be promptly investigated by a specialist.

Dr Asif Qasim is a consultant cardiologist (heart specialist) who offers private practice cardiology serivces in central and south London. He has developed this website to help patients and their relatives to understand common heart conditions and to explain the tests and treatments that may be needed.

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Please feel free to contact Dr Qasim at pa@privatecardiology.com if there are any sections of this website that you think can be improved. Alternatively please telephone his PA on 0208 401 3812 and Dr Qasim will return your call.

There may be specific conditions or situations that have not been included that you would like to know more about, and your feedback would be aprpeciated.

For doctors and health care professionals interested in cardiology and cardiovascular research please connect with medshr.net - the online professional network for discussion, education and training in cardiology.

Private Cardiology

Dr Qasim is available for private practice consultations at the following hospitals:

Shirley Oaks Hospital - please call 0208 655 5500 to book

BUPA Cromwell Hospital - please call 0207 460 2000 to book

He also has practice priveleges and performs procedures at:

Guthrie Clinic, King's College Hospital

St Anthony's Hospital, North Cheam

Harley Street Clinic

London Bridge Hospital

Please email pa@privatecardiology.com for further information 

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